Private investigator secrets for “snooping” through trash.

This is a “dirty trick” that seems easy until you go to do it, then you realize that you need to do it in a way the subject doesn’t know you’ve been there!

You don’t how know challenging this is – until you try to do it! That’s when you realize the WHAT to do is simple, but the HOW to do it gets tricky when you actually get out in the real world to do it!

In this week’s video I share with you the details of how to “steal” someone’s trash and (more importantly) without them knowing!


1. Do it about 3:00am.

2. Replace the trash you take with “duplicate” trash you find in the neighborhood.

Is this legal?

Well, that’s a question for an attorney, which I am not. It is my understanding trash at the curb is considered “abandoned property” and if I can collect abandoned property without trespassing or breaking any other law, then, in my opinion, it seems fine. Of course, I work in the U.S.

Some of my overseas friends tell me that in their countries it is specificaly prohibited.

Committed to you success,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

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