Private Investigator reveals: Why Men Cheat

I suspect every woman who’s ever been cheated on by her husband or even “just” her boyfriend, has asked the sorrowful question, “Why do men cheat?”

As a Private Investigator I’ve worked a lot of infidelity cases and many women have asked me “why?”.

Sometimes, after a surveillance, when she watching the video evidence I bring her, my client will ask me, “What does she have that I don’t?”

It’s a heartbreaking question, but the truth is, it’s not about “the other woman”, it’s 99% about the man. And he is simply being selfish. He is choosing what he thinks will make him happy rather than choosing to take the opportunity to do the honorable thing and become a better person by doing the right thing!

Note: If a woman knows her “boyfriend” is in a committed relationship with someone else, she does share responsibility.

Here’s what I hear a lot of…

The Guesses

Women suspect the “other woman” is:
more attentive
a better lover

And one or more of those things may be true, but that ain’t why he’s cheating.

The Excuses

Or the man will make excuses like…

you’re frigid
you don’t like to go out
you’re always at work
you don’t “get me”
you’re not supportive of my ideas/plans
you treat me like garbage
Etc., etc, etc…
(Notice he always makes it about you, not him. Hint: It’s always about him.)

Heck, he may even believe these excuses himself! But they are not the real reason he’s cheating!

This is the main cause of cheating. This is why men cheat:

Men cheat because they are choosing to be selfish.

Yes, it is a choice!

And, yes, it is purely them choosing what they (think) they want rather than being honorable.

I hope learning this is at least somewhat helpful for you.

Committed to the truth,
Larry Kaye,
Private Investigator
& #1 Best Selling Author

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Be who you were created to be and you will set the world on fire!
– Saint Catherine of Siena

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