Private Investigator reveals sneaky way your cell phone tracks you and your friends.

You already know your cell phone tracks you everywhere, right?

In fact, it’s required, by the feds to be able to track you to within three meters of where you are.

But, here’s what you may not know…

They can tell who your friends and associates are as well!

Of course, this is bad news. Just terrible. But let me put this spin on it for you…

There are plenty of things this dirty trick does not give away about you, and that means traditional surveillance is still a skill that’s in great demand!

So, if you’re a Private Investigator, or are studying to be one, this means being able to do surveillance is a solid, marketable and valuable job skill!

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UPDATE: April 2018

Associated Press reported on a murder investigation out of Bridgeport, Connecticut explaining that a suspect did poorly in a police interview about the murder of his parents, so they examined his cell phone location records and the victim’s (parents’s) cell phone records.

Here’s what they discovered…

“FBI agent James Wines, who specializes in analyzing cellphone records, testified Tuesday that Kyle Navin’s phone was in close to proximity to his parents’ phones on the day of their disappearance.”

I suspect this is a case of the good guys using location data legally to get justice, but it does prove exactly what I said in this blog post and video.

Just sayin’.

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