Private Investigator Quiz.

This week’s video is a private investigator quiz with five common detective abbreviations and phrases, plus I share with you the Three Scariest Words and how they effect you!

The Detective Quiz

Do you know what these are? (Answers at the bottom – in the P.S.)

1. LKA
2. POE
4. E&O
5. Crack a PO Box
6. Skip Trace

I hope learning these helps you on the private investigators licensing exam in your state and if you already know them all… Don’t forget

The Thee Scariest Words…

“I Know That.”

When you say, “I know that”, I would highly recommend you ask yourself these two questions…

1. Are you a master of it?

2. What evidence do you have in your life to prove you’ve mastered it?

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

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1. Last Known Address
2. Place of Employment
3. Fair Credit Reporting Actually
4. Errors and Omissions (Insurance)
5. Figure out who gets mail at a Post Office Box.
6. Finding a missing person.

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