Private Investigator Podcast Episode 5 now available.

Private Investigator Podcast

Private Investigator Podcast

My Private Investigator Podcast is available and Episode #5 is now available covering two strategies for gathering intelligence as a private investigator and even marketing advice!

In a nutshell, I explain the old Soviet style intelligence gathering mentality with the Cold War intelligence gathering strategy of China. In other words the idea of one big coup (Soviet Method) verses collecting a ton of small pieces and putting them together to understand your opponent (China’s Method).

But, more importantly, I teach how this effects you as a Private Investigator using paid databases and using other lesser used (and vastly underestimated!) sources and methods.

Whether you’re interested in the “Big Picture” or looking for some nity-gritty tips, this episode is for you!

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

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