Private Investigator Podcast Episode 10: Can you be cheated as a P.I.?

Here is episode #10 of the Private Investigator podcast with no name answering the question of whether or not you can be cheated as a private investigator.

Cheated in Money

Okay, I guess technicality speaking, you can be cheated in terms of money if you’re a P.I.

It happens… just like everything in life.

But… you can work on reducing the odds and still serve your clients well.

Cheated in Life

Even if you are cheated in terms of money, I believe you cannot be cheated in life.

If you do your job well you are building virtues of persistence, justice, prudence and temperance in yourself. You are becoming a better person and that is more important than most people realize.

Strictly thinking in terms of money (and that is not even close to the most important scorecard)), but thinking strictly in terms of money, if you become a better person, you become the type of person who can serve others better and (if you want) you can turn that service into money earned fairly while improving others’ lives and your own!

So… No, I don’t think you can be cheated as a private investigator.

Committed to your success in business and life,
Larry Kay, P.I. & Best Selling Author

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