Private Investigator Marketing Letters.

This week I made a quickie, impromptu private investigator training video on an email answer I gave to a viewer asking about marketing his detective agency.

I cover what kind of letters to send, how often to send them and I even touch on social media!

What kind of letters/articles to send…

Usually I sent ones I wrote myself or things I saw in the news.

Any time I saw something in the news or a new statistic and thought to myself, “Hey, this is kinda’ interesting. I bet my attorneys would be interested in this”, then I would write a brief summary or even just a note and send it off.

Something like…

Dear (attorney’s name),

I saw this in the news the other day and though you might be interested in it.


Dear (attorney’s name),

Enclosed please find an article I recently wrote on (subject). I thought you might find some of the information interesting for you or your clients.

I would send these letters to potential clients as well as my existing attorney clients.
(Don’t miss that! You need to stay in touch with your existing clients!)

How many law firms to approach at one time…

All of them.

At least all the ones you want to work for.

Once you’ve found your “voice” (your style), then I say approach all the firms you want to work for.

It’s a numbers game.
Only 1 out of X number will hire you, so send to as many as you can. It will NOT generate more business than you can handle.

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