Private Investigator makes his own luck on surveillance with a gutsy pretext on this child custody case.

What works in the real-world…

In this week’s video I take you behind the scenes with a case study of a child custody case.

The mother was ordered by the court to keep her child away from her ex-convict, drug dealer boyfriend.

The child’s father (through his attorney) hired me to collect evidence that the drug dealing boyfriend was staying (or at least hanging out) at the mom’s trailer home when the child was also there.

I started the day with a difficult surveillance, but when I saw the opportunity to collect what I needed via a pretext, I went for it!

Would you do this? Would you be able to do this?!?! The key was knowing how to do a successful pretext and thorough preparation before a surveillance.

Learn these skills with The Investigator’s Ultimate Guide Series.

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye,
Private Investigator

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