Private Investigator Internship Warnings

This week’s private investigator training is 4 warnings before you take your first P.I. job or even a private investigator internship!

1. Beware of fake online job ads where there’s no P.I. job at all! The whole thing is just a scam to get your personally identifiable information to commit fraud.

Many people are so desperate to get into this line of work because they love skip tracing or they’re really good at digging into someone’s background, the P.I. “applicant” willing jumps through the hoops they think will get them the job only to have their identity stolen!

2. Beware of “job offers” that require you to pay for training to “get the job”.

I’m a huge believer in getting good, professional training, but the rip-offs I’m talking about here are scams. They don’t really have a job, they’re just trying to trick you into paying for the “training” they’re selling. They are not detective agencies, they’re just selling garbage.

3. Watch-out for debt collector jobs advertising themselves as “skip tracer” jobs. I’ve seen this so-o-o much!

Sure, there me be an element of skip tracing when you work collecting debts, but it ain’t a P.I. job it’s debt collections.

4. Carefully read and consider any Non-Complete Agreement you’re asked to sign.

Non-competes are a legitimate thing, but beware of the over-reaching ones.

No detective agency wants you to work for them then leave and steal all their clients. So…

Non-compete agreements usually prohibit working for their clients for a set amount of time or geography after you leave the private investigative agency.

For example, you may agree not to work for any clients for 2 years or within 250 miles after your last day of employment.

Heck, that may be reasonable.

What will bite you is the unreasonable agreement. For example: You will not work for any other P.I. for two years after your last day of employment. (Ouch!)

Notice how the second (unreasonable) agreement will basically kick yo out of the P.I. business for two years!

The Good News

While my first three warnings are actually fairly common (especially numbers 1 and 3), the unreasonable non-compete agreement is much more rare and easily avoidable. (Now that you know about it!)

I wish you all the best!

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Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye,
Private Investigator &
#1 Best Selling Author

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