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Your personal and professional experiences in life will effect how you see things and how to anticipate their outcome and this matters for security and investigative professionals!

My first experience with blue lights (AKA: “rig for blue”) was in the military. We would light out space with blue lights at night (similar to how others would “rig for red”). The blue light didn’t dilate our pupils so if we had to go into the dark of night, we would still have out “night vision”.

Well… fast forward to civilian life and I discovered public restrooms lit only with blue lights – even during the day! My first thought was to wonder why you would have to protect your night vision during the day.

But I soon learned, some public restrooms do that because it makes it harder for intravenous drug uses to shoot up. They have trouble seeing their blue veins in the blue light so there’s less chance they will try to use the restroom to shoot dope. What a clever solution!

And sure, that’s a neat thing to know in our industry, but the real lesson here is to expand past your personal experience with quality training so when you see something in the real world, you’re not stuck in the much smaller realm of only our personal experience. (Like I was with the blue lights in the restrooms… until I learned better!)

Let me know if you’ve had a similar experience. I’m always up to learn more!

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