Prepper Private Eye talks about the value of Surveillance Training.

Prepping for the end of the world (or maybe just a power outage or loss of water for a few days), is a good idea and I suggest that 1 hour of prepping now is worth 100 hours of work during the emergency!

And if you make a wise choice about what to buy, the 1:100 ratio also applies. One dollar invested now into the right piece of gear is worth $100 during the SHTF (Stuff Hits The Fan) scenario.

I am passionate about the value of my training courses so please forgive me if today (as I talk about the value of prepping), I also talk a bit about the value of surveillance training.

I’m just trying to save you from being burned on surveillance and all the awfulness that comes with that.

If you stick around to the end, you’ll hear me ask this question…

What is a thing you can do, learn or buy now (something inexpensive!), that will pay off with 100 times the value if you need it?

Got your answer?

Now… what are you going to do about it?

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Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

P.S. – If you do nothing else… the next time you empty a jug of milk… clean it out and fill it with some clean water and put it on your shelf for an emergency.

Seriously. Do it.

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