Police use a Pokemon Dirty Trick

Can the police really bait the trap with a fake Pokemon monster?!?!

Sure they can! And it’s a dirty trick right out of my #1 Best Selling book 51 Dirty Tricks Bad Guys Really Hate!

I first learned about police sting operations when I was just a kid and read the very good book Surprise! Surprise! How the Lawmen Conned the Thieves by Ron Shaffer & Kevin Klose with Lewis Wilson.

The Washington D.C. police were running a “fake fence” operation buying stolen goods from the area thieves and, in the end, rounded them up for arrest by staging a huge party for the “mafia Don” who came into town!

So, fast forward to today…

In the UK one clever police department has posted that they have discovered a Pokemon Monster in their station and sent a notice out with a list of “randomly drawn names” who’ve won the right to come catch the Pokemon!

However, (and this is the dirty trick part) the names on the list were folks with outstanding arrest warrants! Sure, come collect the monster and get a free pair of custom fit bracelets!

Committed to you success,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

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