Police body camera use of force phenomenon explained.

Since police body cameras have been in use, there are less incidents of use of force, but the incidents there are have a greater use of force than we’ve usually have seen in the past.

In this week’s video I explain this body cam phenomenon that seems to have experts stumped!

At the root of it (I believe) is that while police are more reluctant to use force, now they can prove the need and so they use the amount of force necessary to safely resolve the issue.

You see, cops will use the least amount of force necessary to resolve a problem, but it’s almost always one level of force above what the bad guy is using. The bad guy always (always!) gets to choose the level of force necessary.

Of course we are very early on in our use of body cams, but this seems like the proper conclusion at this time.

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Larry Kaye,
Private Investigator

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