One way to document evidence of your experience to get your P.I. license!

Sample Affidavit for a Private Investigator
Right click on the above affidavit to “save as” for your own records.

Use an affidavit (a sworn statement) to document your experience to get your private investigator license from the state.

You may ask, “How can I prove my experience to get my private investigator license from the state”?

One way is to use pay stubs from your employer at the time, but here’s an idea that may help if you get stuck…

Try swearing out an affidavit as to your investigative experience!

While an affidavit is a simple document to prepare, it can carry a lot of when you are trying to prove something (like your private investigative experience!).

The reason it’s so powerful is that it’s a sworn statement and the penalty for lying under oath can be a perjury charge. But think about it, when you have an affidavit, you instantly have “documented evidence” of your experience!

You can check out my video on creating and using affidavits here.

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