One sign a drug deal is about to happen.

If you do surveillance in the real-world you may find yourself in a high drug activity neighborhood and this week I’m sharing with you a behavior you’ll see just before a drug deal goes down during the cold winter months.

If your near a drug corner in the cold of winter, the drug buyer will almost always take off one glove before making the purchases and the dealer will frequently take of one glove as well.

If you’ve ever watched a crack rocks or pills being sold, you know when handling or counting these small things, both the buyer and dealer need a glove-free hand to count out and separate the dope. Even if the deal is for weed, frequently a little corner of a baggy needs to be twisted and torn off and that’s much easier without a glove on.

So if you see the gloves come off adjust your camera as necessary to get excellent surveillance video of the deal!

WARNING: There are two common reasons a glove will come off when it’s NOT a drug deal and if you’re not prepared, it will look a lot like a drug deal so don’t confuse these two things for a dope deal!

1. A person bumming change.

This will look a lot like a drug deal if you don’t now what you’re looking at. Don’t confuse panhandling for a drug purchase.

2. A person bumming a cigarette.

Same thing although, with a clear view, you are much more likely to see the cigarette so this should be more obvious to you. Also, many times (but not always!) you’ll see the person light up after bumming a smoke and you don’t see that with most drug deals.

Obviously, there is a third thing the gloves come off for that’s not a drug deal and that’s to use a cell phone, but I like to think you can readily tell the difference between cell phone usage and a dope deal!

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