MUST KNOW information before your first P.I. job or Private Investigator Internship!

If you only watch one Private Investigator Training video – make it this one!

If you only watch 45 seconds of training… make it from 2:40 to the end.

Should you sign a non compete agreement before you work for a P.I. or with a Detective Agency? If you do, then watch out for the catch I teach in this video. Of course, I’m a P.I. – not an attorney. If you have legal questions you need to ask your lawyer.

This is especially important if you’re seeking a private investigator internship!

P.S. – If you’re only willing to watch 45 seconds of training, do me a favor and choose a different line of work. Private Detectives are professionals and we only want people in this field who hold themselves to the same high standards we expect from ourselves.

Private Investigator Internship Warning

Private Investigator Internships Can Have This Dangerous Catch!
Read the Non-Compete Agreement!

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