Loyalty over everything except…

There may come a time in your security or investigative career when you have to make a tough choice. You may have to choose whether to tell the truth or back up your partner’s version of events when your partner has done something wrong (either intentionally or accidentally).

I say “choice” because you really do have to choose. And sometimes it can be a very hard choice. Here’s the way to make that choice much easier…

You need to “pre-decide” to tell the truth.
You need to decide (right now) to maintain your honor and integrity by doing the right thing. And make no mistake, the right thing is to choose honor (telling the truth) over loyalty.

This is really about your ethics. Should you be loyal to your partner? Should you have his back? Should you protect him in times of danger? Yes! You should place loyalty high on your list of virtues, but not over honor!

Your statements and written reports must always be truthful.

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

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