Loss Prevention No-Touch Alternatives

If you’re a Loss Prevention Officer and you’re frustrated by your store’s No-Touch Policy, then this week’s training video is for you because I teach you how to approach the shoplifting problem in ways that still let you file criminal charges!

Deterrence is what the store really wants and this really is the safest and arguably smartest thing to do.

So, when you see a shoplifter getting ready to steal, send a sales associate to the area or directly to the person to “help” them with their shopping. This is really effective most of the time.

This is especially practical if your store will budget the payroll for the necessary number of workers to do this. Hey, Management… you’re going to pay one way or another. Either with “payroll” or with “loss”. That’s just they way it is.

Unfortunately management is frequently evaluated on their payroll numbers and not the loss numbers. That means management creates a dangerous work environment for L.P. because management is rewarded for keeping their payroll spending low.

Making no-touch apprehensions isn’t something I’m against (personally). They do occur!

When I worked in Loss Prevention, about 80% of shoplifters voluntarily returned to the L.P. office, where we processed them and filed charges later downtown.

If your store’s policy permits it, I believe this is a good compromise.

The Alternate Plan

Prepare a strong criminal case.

Usually this means a “theft” case, but no matter what crime you plan to charge them with, collect your evidence, identify the suspect (as best you can) and present the case file to your local police. There is a detective (or squad of detectives) who handle theft/shoplifting cases in your area.

Or you may want to present your case file to the Prosecutor’s Office. They can file charges as well.

I really want your feedback on this important issue. Let me know your ideas or things that are working in your store!

In the meantime, this is Larry Kaye reminding you to do the right thing, even if it’s the hard thing.

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Larry Kaye,
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