Lead vs Lag Measures. Make more money as a Private Investigator!

Understanding Lead Measures vs Lag Measure is vitally important to your private investigator business success because you need to get clients for your skip tracing, background checks, criminal defense cases and even process serving if you expect to stay n business and especially if you want to THRIVE!

Lead Measures tell you if you’re going to hit your profit target for the month BEFORE you get to the end of the month (or year)!

Looking at your Lag Measures tell you in HINDSIGHT if you hit or missed your financial goals.

What is a Lead Measure?

Lead Measures are the things you know you need to do to hit your goal. In this case, your financial goal.

For example, a Lead Measure is how many sales letters you’ve sent out. Or how many social media post you’ve made. Things you know will generated paying cases for you.

What is a Lag Measure?

A Lag Measure is your profit and loss statement at the end of the month (or year).

By time you look at the Profit and Loss Statement (Lag Measure) it’s too late!

Set Lead Measures and HIT your Lead Measures so you know BEFORE the P&L Statement if your going to be profitable or not!

Here’s the Magic…

If you set the right Lead Measures and HIT them, you’ll make more money!

I know. I’ve been there and done that!

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