Larry Kaye Issues Rare Self-Defense Recommendation.

I look for things I can recommend to you, but it’s so hard to find anything that’s worthwhile!

So, I actually bought a kind of a pricey self-defense online course.

They had the training videos and I was hoping that I could recommend it to you.

The course was actually pretty good. But no sooner had I bought it than… BAM… I was bombarded by this guy! He was constantly trying to sell me and up-sell me to more and more expensive (and unnecessary!) stuff.

I just couldn’t do that to you. I couldn’t say, “Hey, buy this guy’s thing. I recommend it”, and then have him sell to you for the rest of your life.

I Found The Solution!

I finally found a worthwhile thing. And it’s a self-defense course!

It’s better, because…

1. It’s free and

2. it’s taught by an ethical, upright, and excellent instructor who I’ve followed for years and like.

It’s Sensei Ando. He’s got a channel that you can subscribe to if you want, and keep up with the excellent videos he’s putting out.

Yes, he’s an expert in martial arts and a great person to learn from, but he also has a lot of good, solid wisdom on top of that!

He runs Happy Life Martial Arts and I highly recommend you check him out.

His free self-defense basics course is online and it’s quite good. It covers everything from breathing to how you hold your body weight and it’s got one lesson in particular you’re gonna’ need if your in our industry long enough.

Ground Fighting

That’s his lesson on ground fighting, which, if you’ve ever been-there-done-that in the real world, fights always go to the ground. I mean, I’m not a marital arts expert. Maybe there are exceptions, but I’m a guy who’s been out there and, man, it just goes to the ground!

Especially In our industry, where we’re not really “fighting” people, but as a security guard or loss prevention officer, you’re trying to make an apprehension or you’re in one of those extremely rare situations where you have to make a citizen’s arrest. Ando has made at least two citizen’s arrest that I know of. He’s a good, ethical, upright guy and he just couldn’t let it pass. It was just one of those things.

If you like this helpful tip, then don’t miss out on my book How to Make a Citizen’s Arrest. You learn more about it here:

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye,
Private Investigator

P.S. – If you want to see this week’s video (which is basically the same as this article), you can find it here.

How to Make a Citizens Arrest

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