It’s always a sucker punch.

Even when you “know” you’re in a fight, looking away for even one second can mean a “sucker punch” comes in and gets you! But don’t worry, in my experience, it’s usually not that bad.

In this week’s private investigator training video, I am not suggesting you take a sucker punch at someone.

Well… if your life is at stake maybe. But you better darn well be prepared to explain it in court!

What I am teaching is to be prepared on the “receiving” end of a sucker punch! And not to be scared of it either!

I learned this all from first hand experience both as a Loss Prevention Officer and later from surveillances I’ve done.

The L.P. part is great experience in the “been there done that” category of learning, but the surveillance has given me a real chance to “study” sucker punches.

When I Review My Surveillance Video

When I review my surveillance video of a fight, I see things I missed when it was actually happening. Recently I saw a teen jumped by 5 other teens. It happened fast and the victim definitely got the worst of it, but aside from a bit of bleeding from his mouth, he seemed fine.

The interesting thing to me was when I reviewed the tape I saw something I had missed when watching it live… one of the attackers actually set up for and succeed in delivering a kick to the victim’s head!

It was one of many blows the victim received (again, none of which was debilitating), so it “blended in” with the beating he was getting, but even then it was delivered when the victim was looking away.

The things I teach are almost always from first hand experience and if you want a behind the scenes look at getting into the P.I. business, be sure to check out my special report: If You Want to Be a Private Investigator Give Up… Unless You Do These Three Things. You can get it right here…

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P.S. – Never underestimate your opponent!

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