Is there such a thing as “non-personal” personal service of process?

This week a viewer and process server asked me if you can tape a civil service pack to a door if you’re supposed to do personal process service?

At first you might think, “No way! If you’re supposed to serve the pack personally you can’t just leave it at the door.” But, consider this…

If the client says it’s Okay, then it’s Okay.

For example, if you tell the client that you’ve tired serving the person on three different days, at three different time and just can’t seem to catch them at home, then the client may say it’s alright to leave the papers for them on the door. Or your client may say it’s fine to serve them to another person living at the residence (like a family member or a roommate).

If you’re new to serving process, you might be surprised at how often people honor service of process even if it’s not “technically” necessary to honor it. No, don’t get me wrong! You absolutely NEED to serve it legally and ethically! I’m just saying, most people pretty much play along with the rule society has set down.


There is one thing you can NEVER do and that’s file Return of Service (sometimes called an Affidavit of Service) saying you served the person personally when you didn’t. Never. Period.

If you serve them by leaving it at the door, you cannot be at all deceptive with anyone about how you actually delivered the service pack. Got it? Good!

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