Internal Theft vs External Theft

There are two types of theft in retail and any company really: internal theft which is employees stealing from you and external theft where outsides steal from you including organized retail crime (ORC) and flash thefts where a mob of people rush a store and basically just grab and run!

These losses are not just theft like shoplifting but also fraud – including vendor fraud.

The Losses

The loss from a nay individual external theft is typically much less than from an internal theft. That means if the average shoplifter steals, say $100 then the average external theft is a multiple of that. Let’s say $200 or $300 dollars. And, while shoplifters may go from store to store stealing, the internal thefts continue until you catch them!

How to spot merchandise passing at the register…

There are text overlay devices you can attach to your security camera system to monitor and record exactly what is happening on the cash register right on the security video! Super helpful for catching internal theft!

Your Career

Finally, internal thefts are a much safer case to make. Yes, physically safer, but also mush less risk of getting it wrong!

With shoplifters things move fast. They can ditch the merchandise at the last moment and be empty handed when you catch them. Ouch.

But with internals you have plenty of time to collect evidence and review your case. Heck, you can consult with your District Manager if you want!

Plus, companies love to catch internals. Love it. So it’s particularly good for advancing your career within your company!

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