Infidelity stings using a female detective to catch a cheater.

You probably already know I’ve literally written the book on Dirty Tricks, but this week I want to teach you that some private investigators think is okay to set up the subject of an infidelity investigation by having a pretty woman flirt with him to see if he will cheat on his wife or girlfriend. I do not!

So this week I explore the ethics of setting up someone who you are investigating and I especially use the example of someone on whom you’re conducting surveillance.

My bottom line answer to this moral question is that it is wrong!

We should never interfere or try to influence the behavior of the subject of our surveillance!

We want the unvarnished truth and you simply aren’t going to get that if you’re meddling with your subject’s behavior!

At the very least… “Pre-Decide” now that you will not do anything unethical. Think (now!) about what is ethical and unethical. At a bare minimum, you should never do anything illegal no matter how “worthy” the cause seems at the time.

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