How to tell if something you “need” as a Private Investigator is worth it.

This week I’m going to explain how you can tell if something you “need” for your private investigator or process serving business is actually worth it!

Full Disclaimer: I am not a guy who likes to buy a bunch of “stuff”.

We (all humans, as far as I can tell) think if we only had this “do-dad” or that “thing-a-ma-bob” then we would be happy. And we kinda’ know deep down that’s not true, but when you run your own business (like a detective agency), you can trick your self into saying you do “need” that thing.

We say, “I need more zoom on my surveillance camera. I need case management software. I need a high-end color printer so I can make brochures for marketing.”

And let’s face it, we do need some (minimal) things. If you do surveillance, you need a camera and a reliable vehicle. But…

we don’t need a $5,000 camera or this year’s model of car. You don’t! Period.

Get a “good enough” camera and a vehicle you can count on that doesn’t stand out. For a great article on choosing a surveillance vehicle, be sure to check out this great article by Andrew.

Ugh… the math…

So when you are deciding to get something, do the math.

For example, don’t spend $250 on surveillance training if you aren’t going to be offering surveillance as a service! Duh!

Sure you may “someday” have to do surveillance, (and if you truly need the skill that’s different), but if you want to get the training “just in cast” then there are probably better places to put $250.

On the other hand, if you know you absolutely want to offer process serving as one of the things you do for clients, then I look at $250 of training like this…

You’ll make about $50 for each pack of court papers you serve. So if you only serve 5 packs… you’re even. If you server 6 or more you’re ahead! And that’s just form a dollars and cents perspective!

Once you’ve served process, you have that skill and can offer that anytime you need to. Maybe it’s to get a new client. Maybe it’s to get your foot in the door with a detective agency. That’s experience no one can take from you!

In that case $250 is totally worth it. But notice… it’s because you bought something you actually use!

I feel this way about buying the toys… er… I mean “tools” of our industry as well. There is no reason to pile up hidden cameras, infrared gear, software and such “just in case” you need it.

Use this logic and do the math before you make any purchase for your business.

Let me know what you think.

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

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