How to tell if someone has passed away.

It’s not uncommon for a client to hire you to find out if a person has died.

This is not as easy as it seems because the client has tried all the easy stuff before hiring you!

But, this week I do have a list of some of my sources and methods for finding out if a person is dead.


The Social Security Master Death Index.

In the U.S. most dead people are listed here since 1935.

There are a bunch of genealogy website that offer this search for free but they won’t include the last 6 years or so. Go figure.

And, Just FYI… I wouldn’t join any genealogy site just to gain access to their database.

2. County Board of Health

If the person died in that county, their death certificate should be listed there.

3. State Bureau of Vital Statistics

There’s a lag of a few weeks or more, but any death in their state will be listed in their index.

4. Interviews

You can just ask.

Relatives. Co-Workers. Landlords. They’ll know.

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Larry Kaye,
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  • No restricted databases.
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Just rock solid sources and methods to get the information you need.

Private Investigators use a variety of sources and methods to find people and do background checks including the liberal use of public records.

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