How to pay taxes. Business advice.

This week I filmed for you a video about how to pay your private investigator or process server business taxes with the IRS, the state and even a bit about employee withholdings taxes.

I even teach my dirt simple and painless way to pay your taxes by using the withholdings from your day job!

Let’s face it… actually making money in the investigative industry can be rough, especially starting out. But, if you have the investigative skills and tricks (See: 51 Weird Private Investigator Tricks That Actually Work) and you have the marketing know-how (See: How to Make Money as a Private Investigator) then it’s likely you’ll start turning a profit and then you need to pay your taxes.

That’s the irony to me… Only successful companies (or individuals) who actually make money have this problem! I’ve seen it so-o-o-o many times before.

The person turns a profit, forgets to pay taxes and then on April 15th they discover they are THOUSANDS of dollars behind! Then… the fines and penalties drive them out of business. It’s totally avoidable. And in this weeks video I teach you how!

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