How to get Private Investigator experience.

In this Tuesday’s video will teach you…

How to get paid to work in the investigative world even if your state licensing requirements are ridiculously high.

  1. Why those requirements are so ridiculously high.  (The official truth and the REAL truth!)
  2. How to turn those P.I. license experience requirements to your advantage.
  3. The difference between people who have their P.I. License and you.

Here’s the thing…

The fastest, quickest way to be working cases and getting Private Investigator experience is to work as a Process Server.

As a Process Server you WILL be doing skip tracing and surveillance!

That means when you contact a Detective Agency and they ask you if you have experience you can say yes!

This gives you an almost unfair advantage over anyone else trying to get into the business!

Be sure to check out the complete DVD video training course where I teach you how to be a process server. It’s available at right here.

P.S. – In this video, I accidentally hold up the DVD set for the surveillance training course, but I am talking all about The Investigator’s Ultimate Guide to Process Serving.


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