How to get “private” information when no one will tell you.

When there is absolutely no way someone is going to give-up private information to you as a private investigator, you need to have other OSINT sources and methods to get the “secrets” for your client.

This Tuesday’s P.I. training video reveals four ways to get information you need for your case when people will not talk to you for an interview.

1. Interviews.

Of course this is probably where you learn the person refuses to give you what you need. But, consider who else you can interview to get the information.

2. Public Records

While public records are frequently my first stop (and especially before interviews!), after an interview with a person unwilling to share what they know, public records may shed a million candle power spotlight on the information you need.

3. Pretext

Pretexting is posing as someone you’re not to get information from a source who would normally not give it to you as a professional investigator.

Pretexting can be done in-person, on the phone or online.

When Pretexting always keep it legal and ethical. Always. No exception. None.

Note Well: “…let us conduct ourselves properly as in the day, not in orgies and drunkenness, not in promiscuity and licentiousness, not in rivalry and jealousy.” -Romans Chapter 13: 13.

4. Subpoena

If you’re working for an attorney a subpoena may be the way you (your client) gets the information.

So how can a private investigator help if the lawyer is “getting” the information with a subpoena?

This is key…

The P.I. can find out where to look and what to ask for!

Case Study:

Once I was working a child custody case where the custodial mother was doing horrible things to the kids. Bad stuff.

I got plenty of circumstantial evidence with surveillance and the judge accepted it when I had to testify in the case, but I wanted more.

In the course of my investigation I learned the mother was committing a lot of fraud regarding government benefits. While I couldn’t get access to those records, informing my client allowed the attorney to subpoena the records. That was solid, documented evidence against the mother. That evidence combined with my surveillance video was all that was needed. Case closed.

The Easiest Way

If you hate the idea of interviews and if the thought of Pretexting makes you queasy and a subpoena isn’t coming anytime soon… then you really (really!) NEED public records.

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