How to find out if someone is divorced.

I can’t believe the number of websites teaching “how to tell if someone’s divorced” and teaching a lot about clues and nothing about facts!

Sure, check to see if he’s wearing a ring. Sure, check to see if he has a child safety seat in the back of his car. But what do those things really tell you? Nothing! They are “clues”.

Let’s look at facts.

Let’s look for real evidence that would hold up in court if it comes to that!

This week I take an in-depth look at:

1. Marriage Records

Did you know previous marriages (including ones that ended in divorce) will be listed on a marriage license? They are! Including the county where they got the divorce, the date and even the case number!

2. Divorce Records

These are held at the county level in the upper court.

3. Birth Certificates

These may be a last-ditch effort to gather information you can use to successfully unravel the truth of a case where other private investigators fail!

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2 thoughts on “How to find out if someone is divorced.

  1. Some interesting articles on your blog Larry. I’m always envious of some of the information you have access to as a PI in the US. Here in the UK we don’t have access to much. Although we do have Birth/Marriage/Death records, and up to a certain date we can generally search online.

    • We are indeed very blessed! However, like a lot of things one is just handed for free, we don’t always appreciate what we’ve got!

      You comment is a good reminder for us to actually use the resources we have access to!

      On the other hand… in the UK, you may find you have more clients coming to you because they have trouble finding the information they need on their own. Maybe it’s good for business? I don’t know.

      Thanks for your addition to the conversation, EJM!

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