How to Find a Long Lost Love From High School.

Finding a long lost love from high school is actually pretty easy when you know the secrets and retired private investigator Larry Kaye teaches the simple, step-by-step method he’s used over and over to reunited old flames.

Of course this works for any old classmate, a witness to a VA claim or just about anyone you knew in the 20th century.

Step 1 DOB

You can quickly reduce your list of possible matches to your skip by compairing the dates of birth you find.

With and old flame from high school, you know the approximate year of birth for him or her, so if you find a possible match on a name, but the birth year is too far off, you can scratch that possible match off your list.

Step 2 City Directories

You can find old city directories at most major libraries. In these directories you’ll find a list of people by name (similar to an old phone book).

Here you’re looking for the parents of your flame. Look at all the matching last names and eliminate the ones with addresses that are outside of the old schools boundaries for attendance.

Step 3 Obituaries

Using the list of possible parents from the city directory, search the obits.

If one of the names you found is a parent of yor old flame, then the obit will have a list of relatives including the person you’re looking for!

Bonus Tip: If you’re looking for a woman who changed her name (especially because of a marriage) you’ll find her married name in the obit!

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