How to do a non-DMV license plate lookup (sometimes).

This week’s private investigator training video explains step-by-step how to (sometimes) trace a license plate to find the owner’s name and address using only free, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), online resources so you can do this from the privacy of your own home!

1. Verify the tag (license plate) really belongs to the vehicle you see it on. Easy.

2. Turn the tag into a VIN (vehicle identification number). Easy.

3. Turn the VIN into a name and/or address. Harder, but it can sometimes can be done.

Follow the video to lean exactly how to run a license plate without a permissible purpose and no follow-up audit by the Department of Motor Vehicles!

WARNING: Some of the sites I share with you in this video may be scams and rip-offs! I do NOT endorse any of these sites. Uses them, but don’t pay them a dime (unless you are absolutely sure they will do what they promise they’ll do for you).

To learn more about using Public Records OSINT, please check out my Public Records Mini-Course!

Public Records Training Course

In the meantime, remember… do the right thing, even if it’s the hard thing.

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