How to become a Private Investigator: The First, Must-Do 2 Steps!

The first two steps you must take (everyone does) to be a Private Investigator are first, find out what agency in your state licenses private investigators then second, find out what the requirements in your state are to get your license.

1. Find out what agency in your state issues Private Investigator Licenses.

This agency is usually at the state level. It’s usually the same agency that issues license for security guard providers.

Don’t miss the fact that the agency may have a very bland, boring name. Sure some states have a Division of Homeland Security who will issue the license, but in some places it might be The Department of Commerce.

2. Find out what that agency (the state) requires to get your license.

This is usually written out in state law and it can change over time (as laws do).

The license issuing agency may have a website or brochure that explains, in simple terms, what the requirements are, but reading them directly from your state’s statutes is pretty darn helpful as well.

Usually there is an experience requirement, a test and a background check.


Finally, do NOT trust what people tell you online in forums, comments or elsewhere! They may be right at the moment they post the response, but I see a ton (a TON!) of wrong or out-of-date information online!

Should you even try to be a PI?

If it’s “in your blood”, then maybe you should look into it by following the two steps I suggested here. Also… don’t miss out on my free special report If You Want To be a Private Investigator Give Up… Unless You Do These Three Things. If not, you can get it right here…

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