How to be a real Private Investigator when online tools fail!

When social media skip tracing, online OSINT and internet background check tools fail you (and they eventually will), can you go into the real world and pull court records, pretext sources and conduct face-to-face interviews and investigations like a real Private Investigator?

In this week’s Private Investigator training video I discuss (and rant) about getting out from behind your computer and using sources and methods other private detectives don’t know how to use, don’t now exist or are afraid to use!

This will set you apart from other investigators, give you success when they fail and bring you the extra (and bigger!) paydays they simply cannot earn.

If you don’t know these sources and methods, be sure to check out my book 51 Weird Private Investigator Tricks That Actually Work: How to Trick, Track, Find and Follow Someone Like a Pro.

Remember to always use all sources and methods, legally and ethically!

As I say every week… Do the right thing even if it’s the hard thing!

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