How To Avoid Handcuff Escapes.

I share my personal knowledge and experience from over 20 years as a Private Investigator, Process Server, Loss Prevention Officer and Security Guard including reminding you not to handcuff your suspect with his hands in front or leave your suspect unattended because as this police car video shows your guy (or gal) could be gone in 60 seconds!

In fact, I have a several real-world case studies of suspects escaping handcuffs and it’s frequently women who seem to be flexible enough to slip their cuffs!

Check out my blog post on prisoner handcuff escapes.

And be sure to check out my handcuff training infographic.

If these thnigs intrest you, then don’t miss my Citizen’s Arrest Book.

I do get a bit of money when you buy that book. Heck, it’s my book after all so I think any reasonable person understands that, but the lawyers make me say it anyway. Go figure.

And always remember, whether you call in an arrest or an apprehension, always treat your subject with respect and human decency. Handle them with grace and professionalism! Be a Pro. Be a Class Act!

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye,Private Investigator

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