How old do you have to be to be a Private Investigator? And… P.I. stereotypes.

Do you have to be 21 years old to be a Private Investigator?

Many times it’s at the discretion of the detective agency if they want to hire someone under 21.

But here’s the important thing…

Whatever makes you who you are… use that!

In other words, when people look at you and make a snap judgment, take advantage of that in your detective work!

So if they look at you and say, “This person is so young – they’re just a kid. What could they know?” Use that to your advantage. Let them think you’re naive and clueless! As long as you get the information you need for your case, what do you care if they misjudge you?!?

If you’re a small person or big person, people will make snap judgments about you and what you can do. They will make snap judgments about what you know and your life’s experiences. Let them misjudge you if that helps you solve the case!

What I’m talking about is taking advantage of stereotypes people have about you and using that to your advantage on a case.

Of course, in real life it’s no fun to have people pre-judge you based on how you look. It’s insulting and sometimes harmful. (Just ask the person who get’s followed around in a store because the clerk thinks, “All those people steal”.) However…

When you are conducting a pretext (or even just an interview!), let the subject underestimate you! And that’s EXACTLY what they’re doing when they stereotype you! If you can use that to your advantage to help uncover the truth and make sure justice is served, well… that’s too bad for the person who underestimated you and your skills!

Turn people’s stereotypes into your advantage!

Committed to your success as a P.I.,
Larry Kaye,
Private Investigator

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