How much evidence do you need to collect as a private investigator for your client to win a court case?

How much evidence (“proof”) do you need to collect as a private detective to win your case in court?

Most clients come to you wanting evidence, but there are two different levels of evidence…

The first type of client wants enough evidence to convince himself or herself of something. In the video I give the example of a wife who needs evidence of her husband’s infidelity. She want proof of his cheating. The level of “proof” (evidence) she needs may not be as much as she would need in a court case. On the other hand, she may be expecting evidence far beyond what you would need in a court of law. (If that’s the case, you had better set your client’s expectations before you decide to take her case!)

The second type of client needs evidences that will not only hold up in court, but will win the case! In the video I describe an ex-husband who needs proof that his ex-wife is living with another man so he can stop paying spousal support (AKA: alimony).

So here’s the big question…

How do you know exactly what evidence to collect so he can win in court?

HUGE TIP: Ask his attorney what he or she needs to take the case to court and win. Let the attorney make the call. After all, he or she is the one who has to present the evidence and he or she is the right person to know exactly what the law (and the judge!) requires.

This may be a video you want to share with someone who is considering hiring a P.I. for a domestic / cheaters type case.

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