How good do you got to be, to be a good private investigator?

Private Investigators need to find information, follow people, interview witnesses, investigate accidents, sniff out fraud, locate missing persons and much more, but how good do your P.I.’s skills need to be before you can start taking cases for money?

I can’t put a numeric value on it. I can’t say you need to be an “8” on a scale from 1 to 10. But I can say this…

You need to be better than the bad guys!

In this weeks video I discuss the difference between a burglar who needs to get into a house (illegally) and a Private Detective who needs to get into a house (legally!).

You need to learn the tricks and skills somewhere. I would love it if you got my training on surveillance or process serving, but if nothing else you need to be reading the super-affordable books teaching the skills of your industry!

How about this… let me give you some more free training right here with my special report If You Want To Be a Private Investigator Give Up… Unless You Do These Three Things. You can get it right here…

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Committed to your success,
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