How early should you start your surveillance?

As a professional private investigator, when’s the best time to do a surveillance on a workers compensation cheat, unfaithful wife or cheating husband? The trick is to show up “early” and that means knowing how early!

Larry’s Surveillance Time Rule of Thumb:

I like to show up 30 minutes before I expect there to be movement from the subject of the investigation.

That means if my client tells me her (allegedly) cheating husband gets off work at 5:00pm and meets his mistress, I want the surveillance to start no later than 4:30pm.

I explain that to my client and the billing starts at 4:30pm.

If my client absolutely refuses to start the surveillance when I recommend based on my years of experience and insist I start at 5:0pm because “he never leaves work early”, then I still show up 15 minutes before that.

Sure, I can’t bill the client for the “extra” 15 minutes, but it makes my life easier giving me a chance to settle into a good surveillance sport, set-up my camera and prepare to follow my subject when he departs.

Look, I believe in going the extra mile for my clients. You should too

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