Hidden location data in photos is great for skip tracing.

One of the most interesting things when photographs are taken on a digital device like a cell phone is that other information is recorded with the photograph… a lot of other information.

This is especially true when dealing with smart phones because they frequently allow their location information to be recorded on each photo. That means photographs often contain hidden data, which includes the location of where the photograph was taken.

This information is called the “meta-data” of the photo and contains information on the type of device that took the photo, the camera settings and (maybe most important to an investigator) the latitude and longitude where the photo was taken. Think for a moment how this can help you with skip tracing!

Unless this data is intentionally stripped away, most of the time, that meta-data travels wherever that photograph or image travels. This means when an image is posted online, if you use the proper techniques, you can find and read this meta-data, including the date, time and location where the photo was taken!

How to find location data on photos:

To see the meta-data of an image (either online or on your own device), search the term “EXIF information” on your favorite search engine and then choose the viewer you like best.

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P.S. – Privacy Hack: Remember to strip off the location data from your photos before you post them on line!

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