Have you really thought about these past and future dangers to privacy?

Dangers to your privacy have come in the past and there are future privacy threats you need to be thinking about now.

Social Security Number

Social Security Number creep has spread throughout the US.

I’m not sure how this happened since the SSN is only supposed to be an account number and not an I.D. number, but we are where we are.

Of course you know essentially all social security numbers are “out there” today because of data breeches. What does genuinely surprise me is how casual major institutions were with our SSN’s in the past. Institutions large enough to bully people under their power into compromising their SSN’s.

For example, When I was in the military, it was required all through boot camp for our mail to have our names and Social Security Numbers on the front of the envelope! That meant, if you wanted to receive mail from your family, girlfriend, friends or anyone, you had to give them your SSN!

In college we were required to place our SSN’s on the cover page of our reports! This was not the requirement of some tiny, private college. This was at a large (Big 10!) Sate University!

Date of Birth

Your name and date of birth (DOB) are pretty much just as unique an identifier as your SSN!

Why people are so casual about sharing their birthdays with others is beyond my comprehension.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition is already a reality and privacy nightmare, but it’s going to get worse.

As facial recognition and other biometric recognition become more prevalent in real-time, it’s going to transform from an investigative, spying and marketing tool into a true 1984 society.

This information will be cataloged and kept (easily retrievable) for hundreds of years to come.

Voice Recognition

With improvement to voice recognition, many things we thought (and intended!) to be private will be cataloged and kept in databases.


This one seems quaint by comparison of what we’ve just discussed, but it’s an important example because it is the way all things are going.

If you show your house key online, it can be easily duplicated. This may seem like a problem that effects a very small portion of the population (like people who share their “everyday carry” or EDC habits), but it’s the perfect example of us sharing something with no intention of giving away any more than a small thing, yet we actually give-away the keys to our homes! Literally!

What you share today, will (100% guaranteed!) be cataloged, stored and used in the future in ways you can never anticipate.

Am I afraid of all of these privacy violations? No. But they do sadden me. It ain’t right.

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P.S. – After an article like that, you may find this promises comforting… “The Lord is my light and salvation; whom should I fear?” Psalm 27:1

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