Have a Skip Trace Plan

You will save yourself so much time and money if you start your skip trace with a plan! You. Just. Will.

Have your favorite sources and methods on a written (I’m not kidding!), on a written checklist so you won’t jump in all excited thinking you’re going to just check this one, quick source to see if your skip is listed then find yourself going down that rabbit hole!

If you need sources and methods to get the information for skip tracing I have two recommendations: First is my book 51 Weird Private Investigator Tricks That Actually Work and also my Public Records Mini-Course because both are chocked full of OSINT and other Private Investigator skip tracy goodness!

I wish you all the best and, as always, keep it legal and ethical.

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye,
Private Investigator &
#1 Best Selling Author

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