Freaked out? Here’s what to do.

We all get super freaked out at times and don’t know what to do, but this week I share with you four action steps you can take when the poo hits the fan in your life as a private investigator or just as a human being!

Freak-Out Situations

Everyone freaks-out about different things and even if “their thing” seems silly or small to you, it’s still a big deal to them… Just like your thing is a big deal to you.

Everyone is fighting a hard battle and carrying a heavy load. That sentiment is found in a variety of literature, but I first read it in Matthew Kelly’s excellent book Resisting Happiness.

Some common freak-out things in the world of private investigations, process serving and security are:

Being sued.
Receiving a “Cease and Desist” letter.
Being burned on surveillance.
Disappointing a client who was counting on you.
Losing a client.
Not having enough money to pay the bills.
An upcoming certification or licensing test.
And on and on!

Some of those you may say, “That’s not a big deal” and you’d be right. And for “your thing” someone else might say, “It’s not the end of the world” and they would be right. But it still hurts to you!

How to handle Freak-Out Times

Before the Thing

Prepare to remain calm. Take a breath. Nothing is gained by truly “freaking out”.

Step 1: Get off the “X”.

On the rare occasion your freak-out thing involves true physical danger, get out of the danger zone! Get off the “X”.

Step 2: Give it 24 hours.

It will seem different in the morning.

Step 3: Don’t talk to anyone, except…

Don’t talk to anyone except your most trusted advisors. That should be your spouse, parents, spiritual director, your attorney, accountant, (maybe) your mastermind group… you get the picture.

Talking about your freak-out thing seems soothing in the moment, but talking to the wrong people about it doesn’t help and can actually hurt the situation.

Step 4: Give it another 24 hours.

We human beings are extremely adaptable. You’ll “get used” to the situation and be less freaked over time as you pursue a course of action to resolve the problem.

BONUS TIP: Pray on it!

Prayer helps.

And read Romans 8:28. Yes, plug it into your favorite search engine and find it. Or better yet, open up your Bible and find it. (Hint: It’s in the New Testament.)

But remember, prayer is to conform our will to God’s will, not to try to bend His will to ours!

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

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