First day of shooting complete.


I thought compiling all the tips, tricks and surveillance techniques for this private investigator training was rough, but today we finished the first day of shooting and wow!

At one point as we were coming out of an ally, two street people took it upon themselves to chase down a school bus and yell at the kids for throwing stuff out the windows.

Of course, in this neighborhood the kids yelled back like sailors!

I think the film crew was a little shaken, but they handled it like champs when the street people finished with the kids and came our way.

You know how it is.  Just project confidence and never let ’em see you sweat.  There was never any real danger (at least not at that point), but it was all new to the crew.

Check back soon.  I’ll try to post a taste of what we’re working on for you.

Talk with you soon.

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