Everybody knows except you.

When social media skip tracing, online OSINT and Internet background check tools fail you (and they eventually will), can you go out into the real world and conduct interviews like a real Private Investigator?

The willingness to get out of your office and interview, witnesses, victims and even perpetrators will set you apart from other investigators, give you success when they fail and bring you the extra (and bigger!) paydays they simply cannot earn.

You see, when it comes to neighborhood crime like who robbed that corner store, who shot up that house or who’s selling drugs… well, plenty of people know who did it! You job is to find out what they know. And that frequently comes down to interviewing people.

I know the crime scene shows on TV love to solve crime with amazing forensics, but, in the real world, it frequently comes down to “human intelligence” (HUMINT) or in more basic terms your interview skills will answer more questions for you clients that forensics ever will!

I teach some of this and a lot of other sources and methods in my book 51 Weird Private Investigator Tricks That Actually Work: How to Trick, Track, Find and Follow Someone Like a Pro

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