Eavesdropping bug listing in on you?

Do you think you’ve found an eavesdropping bug listing in on you?

My buddy called me with exactly this problem recently. Here’s the inside information I shared with him from my experience as a private investigator whose done countermeasure bug sweeps before.

Are you a valuable target?

Ask yourself if there’s any reason a person would put money, time and effort into actually listening in on you.

I regret hidden cameras are becoming a bigger and bigger problem and the sickos who spy on people don’t always need a financial motive. So with hidden cameras, you may be an attractive target simply because your space is easy to access and the spy is willing to watch just about anyone whom he can easily spy on.

Location of the device?

In this case the device was outside and not near any business location or telephone.

Think you’ve found a bug? Remember a “bug” needs certain things to work…

  • microphone
  • storage device or transmitter
  • power

If what you discover is missing one of these elements, the thing you suspect is not a bug (or at least not a working bug).

Note: Ok, some high-end, nation-state devices don’t seem to have all these element, but the adversary trying to eavesdrop on you… well… he ain’t got that stuff.

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