Driving While Dead: A Private Investigator Explains an Accident Investigation Puzzle.

When working a vehicular accident case as a private investigator you may need to pull the autopsy report and when you do, don’t miss the toxicology section because it can tell you a lot!

And don’t miss this little gem: When you die your auto insurance becomes invalid.

Sound odd? Well…

There is a clause in auto insurance polices that says the driver must be alive for the insurance to be valid, but here’s what happens… The driver has a heart attack, dies and because he is no longer controlling the vehicle, he crashes.

The insurance company may say that since he was dead at the time of impact, they aren’t liable of any damages!

Because The Investigator’s Ultimate Guide to Accident Investigations covers this unlikely case, you KNOW it covers all the regular things you need to know as a P.I. taking these very profitable cases!

If you’re not already taking on motor vehicle accident investigations, you ARE missing out because of these 3 reasons:

Auto accident investigations have…

1. Great, Repeat Clients.

2. Clients who WANT to hire you!

3. Clients who already have a budget to hire you! (No price resistance!)


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