Don’t let your database provider hold you hostage!

“Are you being held hostage by your Private Investigator database provider?”

What I mean is, what happens if you lose them?

That’s a single point of failure in your business.

If that happens, you can almost fold up shop if you’re not prepared for it.

Single Point of Failure

There’s not a lot of single points of failure in your business.


Think about it. If you lose internet for some reason, you have options. There are other internet providers who will gladly sell you access so it’s not a single point of failure


If your phone fails, you can get another phone. If the phone company, cuts you off for one reason or another, there are other phone companies. You can get a cellular phone back up and running. It’s not a single point of failure.


Think in terms off insurance. The same thing. If you lose your insurance coverage, there are multiple insurance companies out there for you. It’s not a single point of failure.

Database Providers are different!

Database providers are different because there’s not a lot of ones that you want as your top one or two providers.

If you’re like most investigators, you have more than one database provider who you can run a security number through or license plate information, or whatever it might be. But there’s one that is your vast preference. It’s the one you like.

Your number two may not have all the exact same things. It’s just not as good.

So, what if you lose your primary database provider?

What would you lose? Would you lose address histories? Probably. Would you lose other people at those residences? Yes. Vehicle information? Probably gone.

I mean, some of that is standard and you could try to switch to another provider. But, here’s the catch.

The Catch

Here’s the problem. If you’re not already with that “other” database service, then you’re filling out an application and they’re probably going to want to know what other services you have or have had.

If you fail to talk about the one that you “lost” for whatever reason you lost it, that may disqualify you if they find out. They may cut you off too. It’s a real big deal if you rely on those databases and you lose them.

The Solution

What’s the solution? Well, it should be no surprise to you that, in my view, public records are the solution.

As I like to say, public records are the people’s records!

Those are the records that you should be able to access.

You need to be able to go and fetch whatever records you need. Know your resources.

Of course most of what the database providers give you is public records!

Sure they make it quick and easy. They may even compile them into a nice format for you. But if you lose your provider, you NEED to be able to do it yourself! You just need to.

The reality is, if you can pull this information together yourself, you’re not being held hostage by that database provider!

Yeah, it would be a shame to lose them, but you’re still in business! You can still do investigations. You can still take cases!

It should come as no surprise to you, when I’m this passionate about something like this, I do provide a solution. And I do have my Public Records Mini-Course. Check it out. See if it’s right for you. Heck, maybe it’s just your back- plan, but it’s best to figure that out now!

In the meantime, remember: Do the right thing, even if it’s the hard thing.

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

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