Don’t go to the police.

This week I share with you a mistake that’s made far too often when a person finds themselves being followed and attempts counter surveillance without having though it through before-hand or having never received proper training.

Look, if you’re being followed it’s perfectly right to call the police.

But… I would suggest you don’t “go to” the police – meaning don’t drive to a police substation thinking the police will be there to help you. ‘Cuz they won’t be.

Cops are out on the streets from most of their shift. Police officers aren’t sitting around at the substation waiting for some random person to drive up.

Sure, officers may be there for roll call or maybe stop-by to fill out some paperwork, but generally… they ain’t there.

So what are some of your other options if you don’t have a phone with you?

1. Don’t lead them back to your home.

2. Try driving to a fast food drive-through window and asking them to call the police for you.

3. Drive to a place with more people around.

4. Don’t stop your car.
(When you see a red light coming up, slow to a crawl if necessary, but keep rolling so when you arrive at the traffic light it’s green and you can keep driving.)

If you don’t stop your car, it’s really hard for a bad guy to jump in and hurt you.

5. Don’t drive to a place where you get blocked in.

But most of all… Use good judgement!

Take the tools I suggest here and factor them into your response.

Committed to your safety,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

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