Don’t get ambushed into making a bad decision!

When you need more time to answer a question or make a decision use the magic phrase “full consideration”. This allows you to avoid being “ambushed” or to let the requester know you value the idea he’s brought to you while still allowing you the option of tactfully saying “no” with a well thought-out explanation attached.

This phrase works well in person, but also in correspondence like emails.

It’s important to have magic phrases handy because it allows you to level-up your communication and leadership game.

White Belt Mentality

You don’t want to have a white belt mentality. By this I mean you need to be thinking in terms or advancing your skills so when you meet a “threat” you can handle it.

Plus, a black belt gives you the confidence to know you can handle whatever comes your way. And that means you are a better private investigator, process server, security professional or leader!

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